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From Italy to
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Cuciniamo Italy is a project conceived by Laura Bellù with the vision of bringing the richness of Italian culinary tradition across borders, reaching the entire globe. Immersed in a journey of taste and conviviality, our recipes and events are designed for anyone who wishes to explore the culinary arts, from the curious amateur to the professional seeking inspiration.

Italian Authenticity Worldwide:

We bring Italian flavor to the heart of your city.

Taste Experts

Our chefs and sommeliers are masters of the Italian culinary art.

Courses for Every Level

From beginners to experts, our courses cater to all skill levels. Learn Italian cooking in an easy and tasty way!

Our vision

Introducing Italian Cuisine to the world

A meeting place to discover the beauty of cooking and tasting together.

Hi, it's Laura!

Since I was a little girl, the kitchen has always been a time of sharing in the home.

I remember the long hours spent with my […] kneading, tasting and, most importantly, sharing stories and laughter around the kitchen table.

These moments ignited in me an unquenchable passion for Italian cuisine, a love for its ability to bring people together and create unforgettable memories.

My culinary adventure has taken me traveling all over Italy, from foggy Lombardy to the sunny shores of Sicily, absorbing every nuance of flavor and tradition.

Each region visited, each dish tasted, taught me something new about the richness and diversity of Italian cuisine.

After years of exploration and education, I decided it was time to take this treasure beyond Italian borders.

I wanted people to experience true Italian cuisine worldwide: not only traditional dishes, but also the warmth,

Thus Cuciniamo Italy was born, a project that reflects the vision of cooking as a true experience.
A place to learn not only how to cook, but also to know the story behind each dish, to experiment with flavors and, most importantly, to share the joy of food with others. Cuciniamo Italy is the fruit of years of dreams and hard work, and today it has become a meeting point for all those who, like me, are passionate about Italian cuisine. It is a place where traditions meet innovation, where every lesson is a culinary journey and every event is a celebration of taste. I invite all of you, lovers of Italian cuisine and curious people of all levels, to join us on this culinary adventure. Cuciniamo gives you the opportunity to explore the true essence of Italian cuisine, learn from experienced chefs and bring a piece of Italy into your daily life.

Our chefs

Get to know the Masters of Italian Cuisine

About Cuciniamo Italy

Cuciniamo Italy has become much more than a cooking school; it is a family, a bridge between cultures, a reference point for anyone who wishes to approach the culinary art with joy and curiosity.

  • Cooking classes and tips for every level, from amateur to professional.
  • Special events for unforgettable culinary experiences.
  • E-Book and contents for food amateurs from all around the globe.
  • Careful selection of chefs and sommeliers to ensure high quality and innovation.


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