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Weddings in Italy, memories, and anniversaries from North to South

I got married in the far north of Italy and celebrated my anniversary this year at a wedding in the south. So, here’s how it went!

Snack time

From childhood routines came many of my gastronomic passions: here are the recipes I love, perfect for ever-changing and delicious snacks.

From Italy to Brighton and back

What I took with me on my first trip abroad as a teenager and what I discovered about English cuisine. Because food is always magic and surprising

Summer evenings, hospitality, and taste in my garden

Friends and family are welcome, my garden is always open in summer and always stocked with tasty delights. This is how I like welcoming everyone, so we can enjoy the beautiful season together

Herbs for all tastes

With spring, herbs give their best results when cooking: they colour, perfume and add an unmistakable flavour. These are my tips for using them (with recipes!)

Cervia, amid salt mines and beloved restaurants

I take you with me to Romagna, showing you places I love the most in Cervia

Polenta, a passion for all tastes

There are many types of polentas and many ways to cook it, because polenta is both traditional and modern, delicious the way grandma used to make it, but also vegan and gluten-free

Mountain air and chocolate sciatt
Cooking on Valentine’s Day: smart and mouth-watering
Christmas is… family cooking
In South Tyrol, among ‘my’ Christmas markets
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