Twenty dishes for twenty regions: a culinary journey through Italian Christmas

During the Christmas season, every region from North to South offers its own iconic dish to delight tables during the holiday season.

Truffle and truffle hunters, passion, and style

The profession of truffle hunters: an authentic lifestyle made of passion, love for the land and cuisine excellence.

Milan is in fashion

Visiting the city during the annual Fashion Week can be rather exciting. Here are some tips for strictly themed experiences.

The 4 fundamental elements for a perfect summer dinner

A cool evening and the imagination flies to a precise moment. A relaxing, snug, and friendly dinner in the garden, maybe at home.

Italian style Bohemian pic nic

The warm and gentle season is here at last, inviting us to enjoy outdoor life

The perfect aperitivo at home

The Aperitivo is recognised by all as a moment of relaxation, pleasant vibes, social gathering and pleasant chat, in short, informal conviviality, and yet few know how it has evolved over the centuries.

Tasty ideas for Father’s Day

In Italy, fathers are celebrated with small gifts, handicrafts, and the ultimate treat: traditional sweet treats. However, this celebration can be modernised with some new ideas to try out in your kitchen

Food and music, on the same plate

Italian music often chants about food and does so by tracing a faithful portrait of the habits, gastronomic passions and loves of an entire people

A semi-serious guide to experience the World Cup in Qatar the Italian way

How to cope gastronomically – or not – with the World Cup matches while on the sofa at your home

The nativity scene: history, tradition, and food symbolism

There is no shortage of everyday food even in one of the most heartfelt and widespread family traditions in Italy

Christmas table

What is brewing is a period filled with overwhelming electricity, which is why we are looking forward to it like never before

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