Travel and cheese

Roccaverano DOP, Piedmont’s goat cheese excellence

There is a goat cheese in Piedmont that has recently shed light on its characteristics and is, as is often the case, the fruit of a small territory with a long cheese-making tradition.

Montasio, from the mountain to the table, with common sense

Let us discover the unique qualities of a harmonious cheese that retains an authentic and pure bond with the territory from which it comes

Ricotta, the most famous dairy product in Italy
Mozzarella and burrata, the pasta filata queens

Mozzarella and burrata are among the best-loved fresh cheeses in Italy and worldwide; they have so much in common, but so much that is different

Estrema d’alpeggio, the high-altitude fontina cheese

Together we discover Estrema d’alpeggio, a cheese of excellence, as rare as it is delicious

The Caprini of Montevecchia, excellence of a small territory

Delicious fresh goat cheeses are produced in a Regional Park in Lombardy: all you need to know to bring them to the table

Let’s be clear: everything about Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, the ‘king’ of Italian cheeses
Cheeses and mustards
The cheese plateau
Bitto and Casera, the PDO cheeses of Valtellina
Gorgonzola, a centuries-old excellence
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