Cocktails and company

By Silvia Ghioni, professional barlady.

a feature with news, curiosities, and reports dedicated to the world of drinks.

Cocktails and the importance of “garnishing”

Garnishing, in other words, everything we use to make the presentation of a drink look nice, has an importance that should not be underestimated, because it can lend our cocktails an extra edge and a truly professional touch.

Veggie cocktails

Learn more about veggie cocktails, made with vegetables instead of fruit. An interesting and original way of drinking.

The rules for a perfect Cuban mojito

Mojito is one of the most popular and wrongly made drinks in the world.  Let’s see what rules to follow to make one correctly and get the perfect mojito.

Aromatic herb mix

Using herbs in cocktails may seem easy, but it is not. Here are some useful tips on how to use and combine them, for original and tasty cocktails.

Citrus fruits are not all the same: which ones to use and how to avoid mistakes

Citrus fruits can be found in many cocktails, but do not think that one is worth the other. So, let’s see together how to recognise a cocktail where lemon is to be used and one where lime is a must

Dosing a cocktail: how and with which tools

Accuracy is the secret to a perfect cocktail. To dose like a real bartender, we can rely on the tricks of the trade. Here is what you need to know to use them to their best

The gender of glasses: how and what to drink in a male or a female glass

An ironic guide to the stereotypes and details that influence our preferences in the world of cocktails

Straw in cocktails: when it makes sense to use them and when they should be avoided

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the use of a straw in cocktails: so, let’s shed some light on this and learn how to use them correctly

Home-made creations
The perfect gin tonic
The versatile Negroni gets mulled for the holidays
All about shaking
The Martini ritual
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