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Aromatic herb mix

Using herbs in cocktails may seem easy, but it is not. Here are some useful tips on how to use and combine them, for original and tasty cocktails.

Aromatic herbs have officially not only conquered the world of cooking, but also the world of cocktails.

An example that we all know is the Mojito, one of the most famous cocktails in the world, which is made using mint, or rather ‘Cuban mint’, whose name is ‘yerba buena’ (or hierba buena), a local variety of mint. 

In drinks, herbs are used for ornamental purposes, or more often as a flavouring or the main ingredient in cocktails.

Extremely widely used, mint or basil sprouts, sprigs of rosemary and thyme are perfect for garnishing cocktails, because that somewhat floral green touch goes with everything. It happens with the famous Moscow Mule, but also with the fragrant Hugo Spritz garnished with mint and lemon zest and in many other similar cocktails.

If the use is only and exclusively decorative, we should still be very careful about how to combine it, because herbs are rather fragrant, and the sense of smell is one of the senses most involved in cocktail tasting. First impact on the nose is therefore very important.

Herbs can also be used dried and burnt to flavour the glass or all the drink during preparation.

More and more often they are used to flavour syrups or are infused in spirits. Think of gin, vermouth or the many Italian liqueurs and bitters based on herbs.

And if we really want to make them the stars, we can use them fresh in the cocktail, lightly crushed or rather ‘massaged’ as mint is in the Mojito, perhaps in combination with a seasonal fruit or vegetable. To make a very special and original cocktail we can try basil and raspberry, sage and lemon, tomato and thyme or cucumber and oregano, just to give you some options.

Our tip for an easy cocktail to try at home: an excellent Virgin Italian Mojito.

Because, as you have probably might have guessed, using herbs make cocktails not only tasty and fragrant, but also unique.

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