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Dosing a cocktail: how and with which tools

Accuracy is the secret to a perfect cocktail. To dose like a real bartender, we can rely on the tricks of the trade. Here is what you need to know to use them to their best

The unit of measurement for cocktails is twofold: the ounce (abbreviation oz) is mainly used in the United States, while centilitres or millilitres (cl or ml) are in general use in most of the rest of the world. In the world of mixology, it helps to know how to use both, as you may find recipes that use both units of measurement.

Therefore, it is important to know that 1 ounce corresponds to approximately 3 cl, which means that it will now be clearer to you how to convert each recipe indication into the chosen unit of measurement.

The tool you use to pour the right amount of product is a bi-conical measuring cup called a jigger.

Jiggers can measure in both ounces and centilitres, come in different sizes, shapes and colours, usually silver-plated, but also gold-plated or coloured. There are many different types, and every bartender takes pride in owning a wide range of them.

Usually, the jigger is combined with the metal pour, which is a metal spout inserted onto the bottles to allow the pouring of a constant and controlled flow of liquid. Besides being very precise, this pouring is also very elegant and scenic.

Another pouring technique, mainly used in bars and clubs targeting a very young clientele, is free pouring, which means using only the metal pour and a special count to use the correct dose. A faster but less precise method.

There is also, of course, what is known as free pouring, but this is something you really need to be an expert at!

Pouring the correct amount of product is essential to create the perfect cocktail and using the right tools allows maximising product consumption and avoiding any waste.

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