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The rules for a perfect Cuban mojito

Mojito is one of the most popular and wrongly made drinks in the world.  Let’s see what rules to follow to make one correctly and get the perfect mojito.

Everyone loves it, everyone orders it, but few people really know how to make it. Still, it only takes a few tricks to make the perfect mojito at home. Let’s look at them and then get ready to toast.

Here, then, are the rules to artfully prepare the authentic Cuban mojito:

Not all mint is good. In fact, the mint used for the original Cuban drink is yerba buena, which is a type of mint native to Central America. Very similar to the mint that is commonly found in the Mediterranean. What we need to remember is not to crush it with a muddler (the typical cocktail pestle), because this will give it a bitter taste and make it not look that good. The mint is ‘slapped’ to bring out the aromas and is then gently massaged inside a tall tumbler. 

The perfect sugar for our drink is white cane sugar, which is no different in flavour from the more common beet sugar. Unrefined cane sugar, instead, would make our Cuban mojito yellow, would not dissolve completely and might cover the delicate flavour of the mint.

The lime should not be added to the mojito in pieces, but rather the juice is used after dissolving the sugar very well using the barspoon. This step is often skipped but is one of the secrets to a perfect mojito.

The ice should be classic cubed ice and not crushed ice because the drink already diluted with soda does not need further dilution and because crushed ice would deflate it more quickly.

Lastly, we obviously should use Cuban rum for a perfect Cuban mojito even if any good quality rum will do to have a good result.  The important thing to make the perfect mojito is that the rum should be only white and not dark and aged.

Did you know that there is also a non-alcoholic Mojito?

Try our Virgin Italian Mojito recipe: suitable for everyone, fresh and ideal to enjoy a touch of Cuba and Italy at home.

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