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The versatile Negroni gets mulled for the holidays

The Negroni cocktail is a classic Italian aperitivo, made with the most famous domestic products—vermouth from Turin and Campari from Milan—and fortified by the distillate par excellence: gin.

This drink has all the right qualities to stimulate our taste buds before a meal; its perfect balance of bitter and dry notes is the foundation of any aperitivo.

The proper method of preparation calls for a mixing glass, in which all the ingredients are combined with a generous amount of ice. It is crucial to obtain the right level of dilution in this cocktail since all of its ingredients are alcoholic.

To serve, it should be strained into a short tumbler filled with ice. Its red colour makes it perfect for Christmas! It should then be garnished with a simple slice of orange or, even better, orange peel, which is richly aromatic thanks to its natural essential oils.

Negroni brulè

But if you really want to celebrate the holiday season, there is a variant of the Negroni that is reminiscent of one of the most Christmassy drinks there is: mulled wine.

Our Mulled Negroni is made with Campari, red vermouth, and red wine. Choose a wine that is not too structured like a Barbera or a Bonarda with simple and fruity notes and complete with your favourite spices.

Our recommendation? Add cinnamon to your heart’s content!

This version is prepared directly in the glass because the wine component lowers the overall alcohol content, so the drink does not need to be further diluted with ice.

Both cocktails are perfect for your Christmas aperitivo course, paired with cold meats, cheeses, savoury pies, and baked goods.

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