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Veggie cocktails

Learn more about veggie cocktails, made with vegetables instead of fruit. An interesting and original way of drinking.

It is interesting to learn about the use of vegetables in cocktails instead of fruit. Vegetables offer a wide range of flavours and colours that can be used to create unique cocktails. We can use vegetables in the form of extracts, powders (after being dried), garnishes or we can simply pound them directly into the drink.

The use of vegetables goes well with the idea of healthy, that is to say, healthy and dietary, which has become very popular in recent years. This makes any cocktail perfect as an aperitif because the light saline taste encourages salivation and the development of gastric juices, readying our bodies for the meal.

Vegetables are also fun and colourful: think for example of tomato, pepper, carrot, cucumber and – if properly dosed – even beetroot.

In addition, they easily combine with almost all spirits, can be mixed with spices and herbs, and go – more easily than fruit-based cocktails – with the traditional savoury dishes of our cuisine. Vegetables, in fact, provide a different balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness than fruit, allowing the creation of cocktails with unique and sophisticated flavour profiles.

The combinations can be surprising: for example, the Bloody Mary, a classic tomato-based cocktail, or the Turquoise Cucumber which uses cucumber for a fresh, crunchy touch. Not only that: vegetables also allow for creative and artistic presentations, using particular cuts or the addition of spices and herbs.

Finally, they have a seasonality that allows creating drinks that are always different, super fresh and genuine.

Original and a tad extravagant, veggie cocktails are sure to leave your guests speechless!

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