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I was just nine years old, and I used to watch, entranced, my grandmother Piera cook. This is a story that almost every Italian can tell, with a few differences: the love of food and cooking that flourished watching grandmothers or mothers cook for the family. 

However, watching was not enough for me. I wanted to do.  Feel the thrill of when you create something beautiful with your own hands. The excitement that warms your heart when the onion starts sizzling in the olive oil.

My first training ground was a Spanish children’s cookbook, ‘La niƱa en la cocina’: I became the queen of paella, a dish that knows how to connect people around food.

Since then, I had never stopped cooking for myself and others, sharing and travelling to discover places and foods.

Cuciniamo Italy was born out of these passions. 

This is my guide to the Italian lifestyle, to be always consulted with a click.  I didn’t create it just for me, but for those who, like me, live better when surrounded by goodness and beauty, by the smell of warm bread with butter and anchovies, by the comfort of a creamy risotto made for the whole family.   An aperitif with friends, a dinner in a special place spotted during a trip.

Inside I bring you my favourite places, the recipes I prepare and those I love to eat, tips and ideas on how to discover an Italy that is worth living, savouring in bites and to take back home again and again.

To make this journey together

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