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Agriturismo La Costa: 30 years of smiles and good wine

In the heart of the Montevecchia Park there is a place where wine, gastronomy and hospitality come together magically.

The Brianza Lecchese territory,in the marvellous area surrounding the Lario, is home to a small Italian gem, ‘La Costa’, an agricultural tourism and wine-growing business that is among the most renowned in this area.

The Agriturismo, located just 20 minutes from Milan, was born out of the passion and desire to create something special by a family that loves its work.

Hospitality and reception, because wine is joy

Every vineyard row, every leaf, every bunch of grapes, are permeated as much by toil as by smiles, because it is with a smile that the Costa family – father Giordano, mother Mina and daughters Claudia and Clara – open the doors of their magnificent farmhouse to their guests, with a glass of wine to sip and a platter of cured meats and cheeses rigorously produced in the Montevecchia Park area.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022, the La Costa winery organised a series of celebrations, with the grape harvest open to the public, dinners amidst the rows of vines, as well as picnics and the crushing of grapes for the children. A family that teaches that love of wine is also love of music and celebrations, unique occasions to toast to life.

Feelings amidst the vineyards

Numbers and awards (and many are those received by the winery) do not quite convey the idea of the sensations and emotions offered by La Costa. Watch the sun set behind the ridge of a morainic theatre in the Curone valley while sipping a glass of San Giobbe, a pinot noir of rare elegance. Stroll among the vines holding a glass of Solesta, a fine riesling with unexpected ageing potential. Sitting on a little wall in the yard eating a salami sandwich accompanied by a sip of Brigante Rosso, a young and fresh wine.

Brigante Bianco, the choice of Cuciniamo

Brigante, in the joking sense of a jovial wine for ‘cheerful brigades’, is also intended to recall the original name of Brianza, Brig, meaning hill, highland.

Grapes: Chardonnay 50%, Manzoni bianco 40%, Verdese 10%

Cellar: Fermentation and brief ageing in steel containers

Production: 6.000 bottles

Tasting notes: On the nose, a fine floral aromaticity, with notes of acacia and hawthorn. Savoury, fresh and persistent in the mouth.

Paired with: Ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach


The delicacy best accompanies the soft filling of the ravioli, without topping them. 

The savouriness and freshness elegantly contrast the unctuousness of the poured butter, making the dish even more enjoyable.

And then just like that, because this wine won us over with the very first sip!

Link: Agriturismo La Costa website

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