Italian Taste


Asparagus is mainly grown in spring, cultivated in Italy from March to June

Traditional Italian Carnivals: history, curiosities, and gastronomy

Let’s discover together the stories and dishes that mark some of the most famous carnivals in Italy

Italy: queen of artichokes

The best artichokes are available on the market from December to May

Perfect Saltimbocca alla Romana: 5 tips for you to know

Making saltimbocca alla romana may seem easy, but there are some basic tricks to follow to avoid making mistakes and have a perfect main course.

Unconventional Christmas: a few ideas for your vegan menu

Five ideas for not letting Christmas Eve dinner go topsy-turvy and eating tastefully without meat

The pumpkin, autumn comfort food

Colourful and in the most bizarre shapes, a pumpkin adds joy and merriment to every table

Halloween before Halloween: Italian traditions on All Souls’ Day

In Italy, 2nd November is a day to remember our departed and, since time immemorial, many traditions, festivities and foods have been dedicated to this celebration

Mushrooms, a pleasure to share

To fully enjoy mushrooms, pick them carefully, and eat them in quantity!

Tomatoes: the beating heart of summer

The taste and lightness of summer is now tinged with red thanks to the succulent tomatoes.

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