Italian Taste

Coffee, king of Italy and creativity

Italy’s most popular beverage is rich in history, but also in creative interpretations that can be tasted all over the peninsula.

Frying: what it is, how it is done and what mistakes to avoid

We all think we know how to fry, but we ignore a lot of useful information that can make our fried food truly irresistible

Italian gelato, history, and interesting facts of a sweet revolution

From artisanal ice cream to the modern cuisine artists’ versions, the history of Italian gelato spans the centuries and is a true ‘made in Italy’ excellence.

Fragrance of lemons, true treasures of the Sorrento Peninsula

We discover the history, cultivation secrets and ideas to celebrate Campania’s iconic citrus fruit, which makes every dish tastier.

Mushroom picking in Italy, area by area

Italy is a land rich in culinary traditions and mushroom picking is one of the favourite activities of forest lovers. Here we find out what the Italian regions have to offer and which delicacies to pick

Touring Italy via its herbs

Discovering the most iconic regional dishes and the herbs that have made them so

The history of the typical fraschette of Ariccia, enjoying the wines and porchetta of Lazio

A small guide to understand what the real fraschette of Ariccia are, a classic destination for daytrips out of town in Lazio, and what is worth tasting

Ancient grains: somewhere between a trend and the recovery of roots

A fascinating insight into forgotten flours and grains that we are slowly recovering, for a healthier and more sustainable future

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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: discovering a product through the most ancient vinegar cellars

Discovering the Black Gold through historic ‘acetaie’, the vinegar cellars and their products

Vegetable and fruit preserves: nature under cover

Your stock is saved thanks to an ancient preservation method that uses oil and vinegar in a way that has changed little or nothing over time


Asparagus is mainly grown in spring, cultivated in Italy from March to June

Traditional Italian Carnivals: history, curiosities, and gastronomy

Let’s discover together the stories and dishes that mark some of the most famous carnivals in Italy

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Ode to Emilian cured meats (and fried gnocco)

Emilia Romagna has made pork processing a gastronomic highlight. A gluttonous world with many facets

Italy: queen of artichokes

The best artichokes are available on the market from December to May

Perfect Saltimbocca alla Romana: 5 tips for you to know

Making saltimbocca alla romana may seem easy, but there are some basic tricks to follow to avoid making mistakes and have a perfect main course.

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