Christmas table

What is brewing is a period filled with overwhelming electricity, which is why we are looking forward to it like never before

Our homes at Christmas will be redone to become special, vibrant and intimate spaces. We strongly feel that unstoppable desire for beauty, sparkle and shine with a new way of “being together”, the vibrant core of our lives, and full of the dearest affections.

Hosting in the winter has a special meaning; it means sharing without rigid or inflexible rules, but rather with the affectionate and creative idea of offering and emitting all the best, especially at the table.

So, for a special day like Christmas, why not think of a simple but evocative setting, cheerful and joyful like the spirit of winter, with the traditional colours and signs of the typical Italian table with a slightly special and decidedly refined twist.

Mix & Match

Christmas is the right time to use all the beautiful things we have and to cunningly mix them together.
A beautiful set of dishes, perhaps with a gold rim, uncovered and taken from the family cupboard and finally brought to light, will live a new life combined with silver or German silver cutlery. Mixing the metal elements often gives the equipment a precious and decidedly refined touch. The only caution? Thoroughly clean the oxidation of the cutlery.

A “natural” table

Who said that to set a table well you only need linen or Flanders tablecloths? At Christmas, tradition blends with an aesthetic inspired by natural materials. The light wood of a beautiful table can in fact be an excellent alternative for a Christmas setting with a more “natural” tone, simple and warm at the same time, made more luxurious by an important central decoration made of green fir branches or slightly covered with snow, and red ilex berries, interspersed with blown glass pine trees. An elegant classic par excellence.

Play with objects

Imagine being able to find a place on the table for small and pretty objects that you did not even remember owning. A Sheffield plate toast rack, for example, can be used to present your fantastic homemade bread, small cake stands can be used to serve panettone and fresh fruit and elegant candleholders will also be charming transformed into enchanting vases for the centrepiece.

Even the classic grandma’s egg cup, the one that hasn’t been seen on the table for a long time, can turn out to be the perfect cradle for a garnish sauce or a pat of butter flavoured to your liking. Everything, if well-coordinated in dimensions and heights, can contribute to making your very special Christmas table magical.

Nice and pretty napkin ties

Have you ever considered creating a decoration that your guests can enjoy with both their eyes and palate? Create a small ornament with Italian biscuits such as a Canestrello or a Tarallo using a brightly coloured and very decorative ribbon. For mine, I chose red velvet to create a delicious bite and a decidedly captivating decoration.

Traditions on the plate

Each family has their own very special recipes to celebrate Christmas, traditions that are repeated over time, passing from generation to generation. Rediscover the things of the past and propose new ones that can become part of the sentimental heritage of every family by playing with contemporary or traditional objects. This is also the wonder of Christmas: rediscovering the amazement of the past and renewing it with personality.

The ultimate trick

As with everything, often the use of only one colour for the table can convey monotony. On the contrary, too many colours often lead to chaos, which is often synonymous with kitsch. Harmony is the keyword, especially at Christmas, but for those who are not an expert in colour combinations, I suggest adopting the rule of 3: use a maximum of three colours on the table. Trust me: it is really fool proof!

Meat ravioli in broth
Rolled turkey breast with sausage and mushroom stuffing
Rum and orange flavoured chocolate sauce
Zabaione “al Moscato”
Mascarpone cream with Strega liqueur
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