Cooking techniques

The culinary art must rest on solid foundations in order to develop and grow in every direction. Often the secret of a good dish is never to tire of refining the technique, studying each ingredient and each step to achieve the perfect balance.

Lentil ragout
Salsa di pomodoro fresco e basilico
Cleaning the artichokes
Cleaning asparagus
Hollandaise sauce
Mushroom stock
Cleaning mushrooms
Meat stock

Homemade meat stock adds a touch of flavour to many recipes; it is very easy to prepare.

Fish stock

Homemade fish stock adds incredible flavour to many recipes; it is very easy to prepare.

Vegetable stock

Homemade vegetable stock adds a fresh, pleasant flavour to many recipes; it is very easy to prepare.

Béchamel sauce

Béchamel sauce is a basic sauce that can be used for a variety of preparations

Pâte brisée

Pâte brisée is a very fast and simple dough to prepare. Its crisp crumbliness renders it perfect for making delicious savoury tarts.

Fresh egg pasta – basic dough

This recipe indicates the ingredients of the most classic recipe, the Emilian pasta dough with the classic proportion of 1 egg for every 100 g of flour.

Fresh pasta without eggs – basic dough

Fresh pasta made from flour and water alone is an excellent alternative for those who, for various reasons, prefer not to have eggs in their pasta.

Basil pesto
Bologna-style ragout

Like most traditional recipes, the Bologna-style ragout has some small variations passed down from family to family.

Filleted fish
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