The aperitivo, a great little Italian tradition. It is the moment in which we celebrate a break from everyday thoughts and commitments and find ourselves in the company of others. Cocktails accompany the flavours of the food, completing the balance.


The Futurista is a creative Martini that combines the strength of grappa with the sweetness of limoncello, balanced by lemon juice and simple syrup. The result is a refreshing and lively cocktail that celebrates Italian flavors with a modern twist.

Simple syrup

Simple syrup is a versatile sweetener consisting of water and sugar, used as a basic ingredient in many cocktails. Its liquid consistency allows it to be easily mixed into drinks, ensuring an even sweetness. It can be flavored with spices, herbs or fruit.


Have you ever made a black cocktail?

Negroni Affumicato

A classic Negroni cocktail prepared and smoked directly in the mixing glass with the smoked gun and apple wood.

Turquoise Cucumber

A very fresh cucumber drink with a slightly salty aftertaste due to the crusta (the typical glass rim) of oregano salt.

Lavanda Sour

Here is a Vodka Sour, a great mixing classic, flavoured with a homemade lavender syrup that lends it a distinctive and unusual aroma. Anyway, the drink is easy to drink, at any time of day.

Mama Rosita

This cocktail is low in alcohol and delicate, especially suitable for female palates.

American Dad

This cocktail is a reinterpretation of the famous Americano cocktail.

Select Spritz

This cocktail is the official Spritz served in Venice

Milano Torino

The Milano-Torino, also known as Mi-To is one of the most symbolic cocktails of late nineteenth-century Italy and the forerunner of the more famous Americano and Negroni.

Hugo Spritz

This is an easy drink to prepare, originally from Trentino Alto Adige.


>A symbol of the Italian aperitivo, the Spritz, very easy to prepare and with its unmistakeable colour, is loved by many also because it has a low alcohol content.

Ruby Spritz

We offer you our own fresh and fruity variation, the RUBY SPRITZ.

Moscow Mule

Ideal as an aperitif, but also for after dinner, the Moscow Mule stands out due to the pungent notes given by the ginger of the Ginger Beer.


A classic aperitif with a dry and bitter taste and an unmistakeable dark orange colour, it can also be sipped after dinner during an evening with friends, served in a tumbler glass.

Negroni brulè

We offer you a variation of the Negroni cocktail suitable for the Christmas holidays, the NEGRONI BRULÉ, precisely because it recalls vin brulé (mulled wine), a typical winter drink made with red wine flavoured with spices.


A cocktail with a strong and enveloping character, it can be served as an aperitif or, given its high alcohol content, even at the end of a meal.

Dirty Martini

Another very famous variant that we would like you to taste is the Dirty Martini, which is “dirty” with olive brine.

Raspberry Mule

We offer you our personal fruity and colourful variation, the RASPBERRY MULE.

Cocktail Martini

The king of cocktails, the most famous and requested aperitif in the world, but not the oldest.

Mediterranean Mule

This cocktail is an alcohol-free version of the famous Moscow Mule reinterpreted in an Italian style.

Virgin Berry Caipiroska

This drink is an alcohol-free, Italian version of the famous cocktail enjoyed on Caribbean beaches.

Virgin Italian Mojito

This is a very Italian, non-alcoholic version of the world-famous Cuban Mojito made with rum and mint.

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