Carasau bread

Carasau bread is a traditional Sardinian bread, also known as “music paper” because of its crispness. This thin, crispy bread, baked in the oven, is served as an accompaniment to many traditional Sardinian dishes or enriched with olive oil and salt for a tasty appetizer.

Rice Arancini

Arancini are a Sicilian rice specialty, typically filled with meat sauce, peas and mozzarella cheese. These rice balls are breaded and then fried until crispy golden brown. They are a delicious and versatile dish that can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients, offering an explosion of flavors wrapped in a crispy and flavorful shell. Perfect as an appetizer, snack or main course, arancini are a unique dining experience.  

Savoury cheesecake with taralli and raspberries
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First courses

Pasta is the great protagonist of Italian cuisine, known all over the world. Together with rice, it offers endless combinations of dishes capable, by themselves, of dictating the tone and atmosphere of the occasion for which they were prepared, limited only by your imagination.

Pasta and beans

Pasta and beans is a classic first course of Italian cuisine, a rich and enveloping soup that combines pasta with beans in a flavorful broth with herbs and bacon. It is a warm and comforting dish, perfect for colder days.

Baked rigatoni timbale
Baked “farfalle” pasta with vegan winter pesto
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Main courses

Milanese cutlet

Milanese cutlet is a classic Lombardy main course, featuring a juicy slice of veal breaded and fried in butter. The meat remains tender on the inside, while the outside is golden and crispy, making this cutlet an icon of Milanese cuisine. 

Fiorentina steak

Fiorentina steak is a classic Tuscan main course. This high-quality cut of meat, usually a T-bone or bone-in steak, is grilled over high heat and served rare with a golden, crispy crust. The meat is traditionally seasoned only with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Rolled turkey breast with sausage and mushroom stuffing
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Cakes and desserts have a special duty in every respectable lunch or dinner: that of ending a meal on a sweet note for the palate. For this, making cakes and desserts is more than just knowing how to follow a recipe to perfection: it is art, it is a gesture of love.

Sponge cake

Sponge cake is a soft, light base used in pastry making to make filled cakes, sweet rolls, and pastries. Prepared with few ingredients such as eggs, sugar and flour, it is a must for every pastry chef.

Pan d’arancio (orange cake)
Cocoa diamonds
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