Cakes and desserts have a special duty in every respectable lunch or dinner: that of ending a meal on a sweet note for the palate. For this, making cakes and desserts is more than just knowing how to follow a recipe to perfection: it is art, it is a gesture of love.

Sponge cake

Sponge cake is a soft, light base used in pastry making to make filled cakes, sweet rolls, and pastries. Prepared with few ingredients such as eggs, sugar and flour, it is a must for every pastry chef.

Pan d’arancio (orange cake)
Cocoa diamonds
Easy apple cake

A quick and easy homemade apple cake, a staple of a typical Italian breakfast, bringing childhood memories of scents and flavours

Chocolate cream

This is an amazing version, both in taste and for the time needed to make it


Canestrelli owe their deliciousness to the particular kind of shortcrust pastry used: ovis mollis pastry. The characteristic feature of this dough is the use of hard-boiled egg yolks, which gives it a very crumbly and delicate texture.

Fave dei morti (traditional biscuits for All Soul’s Day)
Apple Cake
Bread cake
Apple Fritters
Apricot Jam Crostata
Ricotta ciambellone
Almond Biscuits
Sanvigilini biscuits
Mascarpone cream with Strega liqueur

Mascarpone cream is usually paired with panettone at Christmas, but you can also serve it all year round, for example with simple cookies.

Rum and orange flavoured chocolate sauce

Rum and orange chocolate sauce, perfect with Christmas panettone, is excellent as an accompaniment with many other desserts, from panna cotta to simple biscuits.

Zabaione “al Moscato”
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