Traditional recipes

Main courses

Rolled turkey breast with sausage and mushroom stuffing
BaccalĂ  mantecato (creamed cod) with polenta toasts
Vitello tonnato (Veal with tuna sauce)

Vitello tonnato, served cold in summer and warm in winter, is one of the most classic recipes in Italian cuisine, well-suited to both informal occasions and more special meals.

Tuna carpaccio with a fennel, orange, and olive salad
Vegetable frittata

Vegetable frittatas are a very simple, fast, and inexpensive dish, which practically everyone enjoys.

Swordfish rolls with mint courgettes
Omelette with mushrooms
Fillet with red wine sauce and sage pumpkin
Veal saltimbocca with mashed potatoes

Saltimbocca is very simple and quick to prepare; to maintain its pleasant succulence, it must be made at the last moment.

Veal ossobuco with gremolada

Ossobuco with gremolada is a typical dish in Milanese and Brianza cuisine, especially suitable for cold seasons.

Lemon and asparagus veal escalope

Lemon escalope is a traditional dish that always appeals to young and old.

Steak tagliata with rosemary

To make an excellent tagliata, the quality of the meat is of fundamental importance.

Stuffed capon with potatoes and artichokes

We suggested a side dish with Christmas in mind, choosing potatoes and artichokes as typical winter vegetables, but you can serve the capon with other vegetables if you prefer.

Beef carpaccio with asparagus, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar

The meat is the absolute protagonist of this dish; therefore, it is essential to choose it of the freshest and highest quality.

Roast veal

Ask your butcher for advice and whether the cut of meat you choose is rich in connective tissue and based on this you can adjust the cooking time.

Sea bass baked with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives, and capers

In this recipe, we use typical Mediterranean flavours like cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and capers.

Baked sea bass in a crust of salt

When the fish is of excellent quality, cooking it in a salt crust is the best way to enhance its taste.

Braised beef with polenta

This is a typical dish for special occasions in North Italy, meat braised in red wine owes its pleasantness also to the softness making it melt in the mouth because it is so tender.

Pan-fried sea bream fillets with peppers, carrots, courgette and cherry tomatoes
Lombard-style chicken salad

You can depart from tradition and prepare Lombard-style chicken salad with other meats, like leftover veal roast.

Grilled Lamb Cutlets
Stewed Snails
Coregone Roses al Lugana with Datterini Tomatoes, Olives, Capers and Lemon

The pleasantness of this dish lies a lot in the freshness of the ingredients, both of the fish and the vegetables, collected in the garden just before being cooked.

Rabbit Loin Stuffed with Lardo, Walnuts and Rosemary with Rosemary Gin Sauce
Stuffed and Fried Lake Sardines, with Salad from the Garden with Chestnut Honey
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