Brianza Lecchese

Ancient grains: somewhere between a trend and the recovery of roots

A fascinating insight into forgotten flours and grains that we are slowly recovering, for a healthier and more sustainable future

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Agriturismo La Costa: 30 years of smiles and good wine

In the heart of the Montevecchia Park there is a place where wine, gastronomy and hospitality come together magically.

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Natural cosmetics, cooking beauty

Rosemary, honey, coffee, and many officinal plants from nature become excellent natural cosmetics. So, let’s discover together those from the Lecco area of Brianza.

Guilt-free tastings: gastronomic cycling tour of the Lecco area of Brianza

Cycling itinerary in the Lecco area of Brianza, a tasteful area yet to be discovered, within everyone’s reach.

A journey across the gastronomic excellences of the Lecco area of Brianza

A unique territory for its landscape peculiarities and its historical value, a few kilometres from Milan and yet so profoundly different in its identity.

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To the discovery of typical products: the rosemary of Montevecchia

The farmers’ love of rosemary in the Lecco Brianza area dates back a century. In the heart of the Curone Valley, the cultivation of this aromatic herb, a staple of Italian cuisine, became a community matter in the early 1900s.

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