Emilia Romagna

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Molino Dallagiovanna: the secret art of a flour with an ancient heart

An interview with Molino Dallagiovanna, to discover the authentic taste of flours of excellence, the innovations of the milling process and the history of a family-run company now in its sixth generation.

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Guardians of time and excellence: Acetaia Giusti and the centuries-old secrets of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

We delve into the art of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with Acetaia Giusti, a tradition embracing more than 400 years with passion.

Legumes and traditional recipes, Italy’s peasant cuisine made of excellences

Let’s explore the different varieties of Italian legumes, the interesting facts about their history and the traditional recipes that enhance them when cooking.

Cervia, amid salt mines and beloved restaurants

I take you with me to Romagna, showing you places I love the most in Cervia

Vegetable and fruit preserves: nature under cover

Your stock is saved thanks to an ancient preservation method that uses oil and vinegar in a way that has changed little or nothing over time

Cervia Salt and its Salina: an unmissable stop in the heart of Romagna

Discovering a unique and tasty salt: the history and culinary uses of the salt from the Cervia salt mines

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Ode to Emilian cured meats (and fried gnocco)

Emilia Romagna has made pork processing a gastronomic highlight. A gluttonous world with many facets

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Traditions that survive: the Emilian sfoglina (pasta maker)

That of the sfoglina (a pasta maker) is an artisanal craft that has withstood the passing of time and has recently become a professional qualification acknowledged by the Emilia Romagna Region

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