Franciacorta, and it’s party time!
The exclusive flavours of the Festivities: caviar, oysters, and other gastronomic treasures

We explore the culinary excellence of the festive season, from the refinement of caviar to the unmistakable aromas of oysters and delicious Italian gastronomic treasures.

Taleggio, a delicious ally of mountain cuisine

Sweet, slightly aromatic, sometimes with a truffle aftertaste. The flavours, aromas and texture make Taleggio one of Italy’s best-loved, best-known, and most recognisable cheeses.

The true taste of Italy: recipes from the past that we still love today

The simplest dishes, born out of need and then elevated to deliciousness through creativity, are the ones that always win hearts and palates.

Weddings in Italy, memories, and anniversaries from North to South

I got married in the far north of Italy and celebrated my anniversary this year at a wedding in the south. So, here’s how it went!

Milan is in fashion

Visiting the city during the annual Fashion Week can be rather exciting. Here are some tips for strictly themed experiences.

Touring Italy via its herbs

Discovering the most iconic regional dishes and the herbs that have made them so

Vegetable and fruit preserves: nature under cover

Your stock is saved thanks to an ancient preservation method that uses oil and vinegar in a way that has changed little or nothing over time

Bergamo and Brescia, Italian Capital of Culture 2023: a challenge of excellence

Exploring the two provinces that challenge and collaborate for beauty, goodness, and culture

Bormio: a handy guide for travellers of all tastes

The famous destination in Valtellina combines taste, history, relaxation and winter sports

Valtellina, tradition, novelties, and great red wines. 
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