The exclusive flavours of the Festivities: caviar, oysters, and other gastronomic treasures

We explore the culinary excellence of the festive season, from the refinement of caviar to the unmistakable aromas of oysters and delicious Italian gastronomic treasures.

Discovering the treasures of Treviso: where history, flavours and rivers intertwine

Welcome to Treviso, a hidden gem in north-eastern Italy that charms visitors with its historical beauty and wealth of local flavours.

Radicchio Tardivo di Treviso PGI

Among the culinary treasures of Italy, Radicchio Tardivo di Treviso PGI shines like a precious jewel. Native to the humid lands of Veneto, this uniquely flavoured vegetable delights all those who are so privileged enough to taste it.

Taleggio, a delicious ally of mountain cuisine

Sweet, slightly aromatic, sometimes with a truffle aftertaste. The flavours, aromas and texture make Taleggio one of Italy’s best-loved, best-known, and most recognisable cheeses.

The true taste of Italy: recipes from the past that we still love today

The simplest dishes, born out of need and then elevated to deliciousness through creativity, are the ones that always win hearts and palates.

Coffee, king of Italy and creativity

Italy’s most popular beverage is rich in history, but also in creative interpretations that can be tasted all over the peninsula.

Italian gelato, history, and interesting facts of a sweet revolution

From artisanal ice cream to the modern cuisine artists’ versions, the history of Italian gelato spans the centuries and is a true ‘made in Italy’ excellence.

Where and what to eat in Verona: discover traditional dishes in the best trattorias

Wandering through traditional wines and first courses to enjoy the best of Verona’s gastronomic offer

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